We are a company specialized in the construction of containers and isothermal and refrigerating isolated boxes. We are accredited and certified in ATP (with a coefficient from 0.34 to 0.40 W/M2K), with an excellent quality, competitive in price and with an experience of more than 25 years.

Our system of manufacture is very flexible and we adapt to the needs of our clients in capacity of manufacture, downtimes, measures, equipment, complements and accessories.

Our clients are industrial bodywork professionals who can complement their manufacture with our product.

ThermoEurop has 4400 m2 of built facilities, where the panels are made with the most vanguardist manufacturing techniques.

it has hydraulic hot plate presses with which we make panels of up to 15 m of length by 3 m of width.

In order to obtain panels with the suitable dimensions, we use the most sophisticated tools: cut bridge machine governed by numerical control, digital calibrater to obtain the suitable thicknesses and vertical automatic cutter.

ThermoEurop's consolidation as a prestige company is not possible without the certification and homologation of its processes. This is why in the present year we will obtain the certification ISO 9001:2000.